Pugdom is a game created by Juliet Norvig in 2001 (when she was 5), with some help from Daddy and Isabella.
It is inspired by the game Bugdom and by our pug Idgie.

Move the pug with the magic blue collar around the field, helping it to free the nine pugs that are caught in spider webs, and then return to the castle.
Move the pug with the magic blue collar by pressing one of the four arrow keys (left, right, up, down).
Freeing the pugs:
When you move next to a pug-in-a-web, the pug will be freed.
Watch out for the ants and ladybugs! They will knock you down if you are next to them.
Returning home:
When all the pugs are freed, return to the bottom of the castle, press the 'o' key to open the castle drawbridge, and then press the up arrow key to return to your place next to the King and Queen of pugs.
To start the game, press the green "Run" arrow at the bottom (you may have to scroll down to see it).
Unfortunately, back in 2001, Java applets used a different security model. So to get this woking, you will have to make norvig.com be a "trusted site." I as able to get this to work in Safari, but not in Chrome; I haven't tried other browsers.
Let us know if you like this game. Good luck!

If you like this game, you might also like Nutdom, which was done by Juliet when she was 8.

(In case you can't get the game to run in your browser, this is what it looks like:)

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