Nutdom is a game written by Juliet Norvig (age 8), with some help from Dad, back in 2005. To play the game, you control the hamster who starts off in the room at the right. By pressing the arrow keys, you move the hamster around, trying to collect all the nuts and avoid the cats. (There's a slider at the bottom to make everything go faster or slower.) The cats will freeze you if they get next to you. You need to gather up nuts in your cheek pouches by walking over them, and then drop the nuts off in your room by moving back there and pressing the "o" key (which stands for "open mouth"). The cats cannot go into your room.

The hamster's name is Humphrey, and the cats are Princess (light grey), Cocoa Puff (brown with white spots) and Audrey (dark grey).

You can change the layout of the board if you want. Press the "Stop" button at the bottom of the screen, then the pencil button at the top left, then you can draw in an animal, nut, or floor piece by selecting one from the list at the top. You can also click on the eraser button, and then click on squares to erase the top thing on that square.

Unfortunately, back in 2005, Java applets used a different security model. So to get this woking, you will have to make be a "trusted site." I was able to get this to work in Safari, but not in Chrome; I haven't tried other browsers.

If you like this game, you might also like Pugdom, which was done by Juliet when she was 5, with some help from her dad, Peter, and her sister, Isabella, when she was 8.

(In case you can't get the game to run in your browser, this is what it looks like:)

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