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January 14, 1997

Washington, DC January 14, 1997 By Bod Woods

The Washington Post's World Wide Web site has launched a revamped version of its CareerPost employment section, which features a new technology that lets Web surfers search job listings via a relational database. The database, from Sunnyvale, California-based Junglee Corp., allows Net users to search both job listings from the Washington Post print edition, along with job listings from Post advertisers that maintain Web sites, Ralph Terkowitz, vice president of technology for the Washington Post Co., told Newsbytes.

He said people check sources like the Post's Web site for jobs, but they don't necessarily think about looking at Web sites from companies that might be hiring. Because of the site's "wrapping" ability, Terkowitz said CareerPost can be very beneficial to not only Web users, but to the Post's advertisers as well, because CareerPost can "drive eyeballs to the advertiser's site that might not otherwise see the site, because CareerPost receives so much traffic."

A washingtonpost.com spokesperson told Newsbytes the old site was used more than 300,000 a month for job-related searches. Junglee's relational database also provides Web users with related hypertext links about a particular job or company they've searched via the site, Terkowitz said. For example, a person searching the site for a technology-related job can link directly from their search result page to the Post's Interactive 200 listing of high-tech companies in the DC area, to compare and contrast the firms that came up from the Web surfer's inquiry.

Both the old and new sites are available for public use, Terkowitz said, in case people want to search the listings the old fashioned way. He added that Web surfers will "definitely see the difference" between the old site and the VDB technology used in the redesigned area.

Terkowitz also said the paper continues to be affiliated with and cyber-publishes the CareerPath job-related Web site from New Century Network, which Newsbytes reported on when it launched in 1995. CareerPath lists employment opportunities from around the US. He said the Post is talking to NCN and its member newspapers about offering Junglee's VDB technology to the service.

Washingtonpost.com is published by the Washington Post Co. subsidiary Digital Ink, which began operations in 1995 (Newsbytes, Jul. 18, 1995). The service was initially carried on the now-defunct Interchange online service from AT&T.

When it launched on the Web last July, officials called the site a "one-stop news, information, and entertainment resource designed to help users make sense of Washington, the Web, and the world," with areas for news, sports, weather, business, and technology (Newsbytes, Jun. 19, 1996).

As Newsbytes reported in 1995, the US Capitol-area is a good market for an online newspaper. More than 50 percent of adults in the area own a home computer, according to the Post Co. In addition, nearly 60 percent of area residents subscribe to the Post, the highest penetration for any newspaper in a US metropolitan area.


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