Junglee's First Customer is The Washington Post Company

'Virtual' Database Engine to Power CareerPost Job Database

For Immediate Release
January 14, 1997

Sunnyvale, CA Jan. 14 \027 Junglee Corp. today announced the first commercial Internet application of its breakthrough Virtual Database (VDB) technology. The Washington Post's Web site (http://www.washingtonpost.com) has implemented a Junglee-designed VDB engine to power the new version of its CareerPost job search and job listings section.

Junglee's unique VDB engine allows people to find what they want on the Internet faster and easier than ever before by treating disparate Internet and Intranet information as if it came from a single relational database. By defining personal preferences, users execute powerful Structured Query Language (SQL) queries on information residing in these unrelated sources. The result is a personal decision support system that gives precisely the information desired.

washingtonpost.com's CareerPost job search and listings feature has applied Junglee's VDB technology to gather, structure and search disparate Web-based text databases. These databases range from two weeks of The Washington Post classified ads to the full corporate Web site employment listings of participating employers. Using simple forms, users can structure queries based on their personal criteria.

According to Rakesh Mathur, Junglee chief executive officer, "The rapid development of the Internet and Intranets has created an urgent need that until now has remained unfulfilled -- the need to find what you want simply by asking. Junglee's VDB technology gets the answer to any query no matter where on the Internet that answer resides."

"Junglee believes that its technology is valuable for any business interested in republishing its data on the Internet or corporate Intranets. We are working with The Washington Post Company to develop other such VDB applications," Mathur concluded.

Ralph S. Terkowitz, vice president-technology of The Washington Post Company (NYSE: WPO) said, "We are pleased to work with Junglee to improve the functionality of washingtonpost.com's CareerPost job search and job listings section. Its VDB technology further enhances washingtonpost.com's position as the leading source for Washington-area employment information and increases the value of The Washington Post's classified ads on the Web."

washingtonpost.com (http://www.washingtonpost.com) is a one-stop news, information and entertainment resource specifically designed to help users make sense of Washington, the Web and the world. washingtonpost.com is published by Digital Ink Co., The Washington Post Company's digital media and electronic information services subsidiary. In addition to washingtonpost.com, Digital Ink publishes PoliticsNow (http://www.politicsnow.com), in partnership with ABC News and National Journal; the Newsweek Parent's Guide to Children's Software 97 (http://www.newsweekparentsguide.com); and PhotoStore (http://www.photostore.com).

Based in Sunnyvale, CA, Junglee Corp. designs, develops and markets virtual database engines for corporations developing Internet and Intranet applications. Founded in 1996, the privately held company recently received first-round financial commitments of $6 million from a group that includes The Washington Post Company. Its patent-pending technology was developed by four former Stanford University computer scientists. Its board includes Fred Gibbons, founder of Software Publishing Co.; Jeff Ullman, chairman of Stanford University's Computer Science Department; Tsuyoshi Taira, past chairman of Sanyo Semiconductor, USA; Ralph Terkowitz, vice president-technology of The Washington Post Company; and Rakesh Mathur, an Intel Corp. veteran who has contributed to and founded several pioneering technology companies.


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