Junglee Corp. Completes $6 million 1st Round

Enables database queries over distributed Web & Intranet information

For Immediate Release
December 3, 1996


Bruce Moore
Junglee Corp.
Phone 408/522-9486
Shel Israel

Sunnyvale, CA Junglee Corp. today announced it has received $6 million in investment commitments from investors including Nichimen Corp. of Japan and The Washington Post Company.

The Junglee development team, led by four Stanford University computer scientists, has developed fundamental new technology that enables database query and analysis on information that is not in a database. Junglee technology integrates information from multiple Internet and Intranet sources into a "Virtual Database." Junglee's unique benefit to Web users is to allow powerful Structured Query Language (SQL) queries on information distributed across several Web sites.

One of many possible applications is online classified advertising. For example, at a Junglee-powered web site a job seeker might ask: "Find software engineering jobs at companies with over 100% annual growth rate based in communities where the median house price is under $200,000." The job listings and value-added information that satisfy the query may be located on many disparate sites. The technology can be scaled to aggregate and structure information stored on any number of servers. The query can be applied to, and the value-added responses can include information not found in the job records. Without solutions based on Junglee technology, the job seeker would have to spend hours visiting different sites to obtain comparable information.

Junglee plans to license its software engine and tools to develop solutions for corporations looking to integrate content from multiple Internet and/or Intranet sources. One of the company's first target customer groups is large daily newspapers because they are particularly rich in data that can be made more useful to end-users through the application of Junglee technology, stated Rakesh Mathur, Junglee CEO. "We believe that the decision by The Washington Post Company to be a Junglee customer and investor represents a strong vote of confidence in the value of our technology to a major segment of the media."

Based in Sunnyvale, CA, Junglee Corp. designs, develops and markets software that brings the power of relational database technology to information in disparate data sources. Its board includes Fred Gibbons, founder of Software Publishing Co., and mentor to such start-ups as Yahoo and Vicinity; Tsuyoshi Taira, Chairman of Sanyo Semiconductor USA; Jeff Ullman, Chairman of Stanford University's Computer Science department; and Rakesh Mathur, who has been in corporate and entrepreneurial roles in the computer industry since 1980. Founded in 1996, the company is privately held.


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