Technology Overview

Junglee VDB Technology

Junglee's patent-pending VDB (Virtual Data Base) technology makes segments of the Web appear like a global relational database system rather than a global file system. In so doing, the disparate organizations and vocabularies of different Web sites are integrated, thus presenting a unified and standard SQL Structured Query Language interface to the Web. Junglee deploys VDB technology on the Internet and Intranets as the means to solve the problem of research and location of targeted, relevant information within any domain.

Personalized Advisors and Locators (PALs)

Junglee's PALs provide database query capability for large numbers of web sites that can be assimilated into powerful vertical knowledge sites. The PAL concept focuses on commerce domains such as jobs, apartments, real estate, computer purchase, and others where quick access to decision support information facilitates transactions. The Internet has the potential to dramatically transform commerce. Yet few today use the Internet for commerce. A major reason is there is little support for crucial components of the buying process researching an item and locating suitable suppliers. Research and location on the Internet today are inefficient and tedious tasks that involve visiting numerous Web sites.

Junglee's PALs empower consumers by providing them with comprehensive and personalized market knowledge at the click of a button. For example, a user can now ask to see listings for marketing jobs that are within 50 miles of San Francisco in an area with median apartment rent less than $1,000 without visiting numerous Web sites, thus saving the user many hours of his/her time. Junglee VDB technology acquires job information from scores of web sites and/or information feeds. It joins the data with value-add tables such as census data and facilitates SQL queries that find records based on relevant information not necessarily found in the record!

Each PAL encompasses a common commercial activity such as real estate, automobiles, employment and others. Junglee's PALs will cover the gamut of commercial activities, potentially positioning customer solutions based on Junglee PALs as the entry points of choice for commercial activities on the Web.

Junglee intends to license VDB engines and develop PALs for companies that are established in different vertical markets. Over time, these commerce PALs may become contiguous realms of commerce allowing individuals to enter at any point and move easily to any other.