Job Opportunities

We Junglees are bouncing off the walls, and each other, as we build Internet and Intranet information technology for the future and push it to market today. Technology that raises eyebrows and drops barriers. Founded by four PhD students from the Stanford University Computer Science Department and a valley veteran with category defining start-up experience, Junglee Corporation has excellent funding, customers and a strong revenue plan.

Our proprietary Virtual DataBase (VDB) engine is fueled by our high-level languages for data source description, extraction, and attribute mapping. Imagine capturing data from disparate, distributed non-database sources and turning it into a relational aggregate with an SQL front end. We call these applications PALs - Personalized Advisors and Locators - powerful information sites where people can ask and get an answer.

Become part of a team dead-set on setting standards and making history. We have several immediate openings for people who are ready to work hard, have fun, and make a huge difference in the information world.

Senior Software Engineer -- Engine Group

You will be responsible for enhancing the current Junglee VDB engine and contribute to the next generation VDB engine. Knowledge of some of SQL, Perl, C, C++ desirable. 2 or more years experience in the database industry.

System Engineer

You will report to the production manager and will be responsible for installing and tuning Junglee applications locally and on client sites. Prefer working experience with Oracle and/or Informix.

System Administrator

You will be responsible for maintaining a mixed environment of UNIX and NT in both development and production environments. Requires prior experience administering UNIX systems and a willingness to learn administration of NT systems. NT experience is preferred.

Senior and Junior Software Engineers -- Tools Group

Get involved in the design and implementation of the next generation VDB Tools, including identifying API's and user interfaces to the VDB engine. Tools are in multiple areas - development environment for proprietary language, database interface tools, debugging tools for data flow applications. Experience with GUI programming, API design is required. Cross platform experience is a plus.

Software Engineers /PAL Developers - Applications Group

Create PALs -- Personalized Advisors and Locators -- for finding information over the Internet. Use Junglee tools to create "wrappers" that extract structured information from web sites and text files, and load it into a relational database for searching. In addition, write applications for searching the database over the web. Duties include writing wrappers, interacting with marketing to ensure customer needs are met, customizing information extraction rules to meet customer needs, and writing applications that serve as HTML-based front-ends to the database. Qualifications include bachelor's degree in computer science, good familiarity with SQL, Unix, and the Internet. Experience writing database applications and Perl is also recommended.

Information extraction expert - Applications Group

Assist in the creation of PALs by writing rules to extract structured information from HTML and text files using advanced tools developed at Junglee. Duties include determining what rules are useful in various application environments, designing and writing the rules, assisting others to customize the rules for particular customers, and providing feedback to improve the tools. Qualifications include master's degree in computer science, 2-4 years of software development experience, preferably in a production-quality environment, experience writing database applications, and good familiarity with SQL, Unix, and the internet. Experience writing Perl is also recommended.

Now is your chance to get wrapped up in our adventure. We are privately held, well funded, and growing fast. We offer competitive salaries, comprehensive benefits including 401K and stock option programs, and a collaborative turbo-charged environment.

Contact us at jobs@junglee.com.

In keeping with our commitment to diversity and the communities in which we do business, Junglee is an equal employment opportunity employer.