Technology Demonstration

We chose the realm of job information for our first demonstration of VDB technology. After all, at one time or another every person seeks a better job and every company has one or more to fill.

In less than one day in September of '96 we captured every job found on dozens of corporate, newspaper, and aggregate job web sites. We brought over 77,000 jobs and value-added information, such as Census data, to one place and made them available through relational queries. We created a user interface to allow you to ask questions and get answers in many ways.


Jobs listed are from September '96. A lot has happened since: Clinton reelected, Tiger Woods won the Masters, Junglee Technology arrived at a Web site near you. So the Job Openings you see in the demo are probably filled now.


  • Visit the Job Listing page to get a high level view of all the jobs in our database at a glance. You'll notice we even captured, normalized and averaged salaries real-time salary surveys based on what were live listings!
  • Visit Dream Jobs and see how Junglee technology can allow you to find a job in a city based on median rent or house price, average commute time. Or, find a job within 25 miles of the city of your choice. Notice the value-added information delivered with each extended listing. And, notice a record-by-record link is provided to each and every source. (Note: some links may no longer be live as sites have changed since 9/96).
  • After you've explored our demonstration, feel free to contact us at info@junglee.com to learn more. Don't forget to check out The Washington Post's CareerPost to see a commercial implementation of our technology!